Affective Agents in Augmented Reality: Integrating FAtiMA and Hololens 2Manuel Guimarães, Joana Campos, João Dias and Pedro A. Santos
Animated Avatars in a Negotiation GameLindsey Schweitzer, James Hale, Edward Fast, Johnathan Mell and Jonathan Gratch
Examining the Impact of Emotion and Agency on Negotiator BehaviorEugene Lee, Zachary McNulty, Alex Gentle, Prerak Tusharkumar Pradhan and Jonathan Gratch
Extending the Menge Crowd Simulation Framework: Visual Authoring in UnityMichelangelo Diamanti and Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson
Human-agent teamwork in grid world scenarios developed with MATRX packageCarolina Centeio Jorge, Myrthe L. Tielman and Catholijn M. Jonker
Multimodal Adaptive Empathic Agent ArchitectureMukesh Barange, Sandratra Rasendrasoa, Mael Bouabdelli, Julien Saunier and Alexandre Pauchet
Playing the “Taboo” Game with a Virtual AgentRonald Cumbal
Presenting Bot – Interactive agents with data-driven gesturesYuan He, André Tiago Abelho Pereira and Taras Kucherenko
A Realistic, Multimodal Virtual Agent for the Healthcare DomainGuido M. Linders, Julija Vaitonytė, Maryam Alimardani, Kiril O. Mitev and Max M. Louwerse
Reusable Virtual Coach for Smoking Cessation and Physical Activity CoachingWalter Baccinelli, Sven van der Burg, Robin Richardson, Bouke Scheltinga, Nele Albers, Djura Smits, Cunliang Geng, Willem-Paul Brinkman, Jasper Reenalda, Eline Meijer and Lars Ridder
A total of 10 Demos will be showcased at the event.