Accepted Papers

Full Papers

“I have an idea!”. Enhancing Children’s Verbal Creativity through Repeated Interactions with a Virtual RobotNatalia Calvo-Barajas and Ginevra Castellano
A Cautionary Tale of Side-by-side Evaluations in Emotional Expression DevelopmentRicardo Rodrigues, Ricardo Silva, Ricardo Pereira and Carlos Martinho
A virtual human interaction using scaffolded ping-pong feedback for healthcare learners to practice empathy skillsHeng Yao, Alexandre Gomes de Siqueira, Megan L Rogers, Anokhi Bafna, Jenelle Richards, Devon Peterkin, Adriana Foster, Igor Galynker and Benjamin Lok
Building the Dream Team: Children’s Reactions to Virtual Agents that Model Collaborative TalkJoseph B. Wiggins, Toni V. Earle-Randell, Dolly Bounajim, Yingbo Ma, Julianna Martinez Ruiz, Ruohan Liu, Mehmet Celepkolu, Maya Israel, Eric Wiebe, Collin F. Lynch and Kristy Elizabeth Boyer
Can We Talk About Bruno? Exploring Virtual Human Counselors’ Spoken Accents and Their Impact on Users’ ConversationsPedro Guillermo Feijóo-García, Mohan Zalake, Heng Yao, Alexandre Gomes de Siqueira and Benjamin Lok
Comprehensive Guidelines for Emotion AnnotationMd. Adnanul Islam, Md. Saddam Hossain Mukta, Patrick Olivier and Md. Mahbubur Rahman
Don’t Walk Between Us: Adherence to Social Conventions When Joining a Small Conversational Group of AgentsAlessandro Iop, Sahba Zojaji and Christopher Peters
Effects of Rhetorical Strategies and Skin Tones on Agent Persuasiveness in Assisted Decision-MakingAmama Mahmood and Chien-Ming Huang
Evaluating Data-Driven Co-Speech Gestures of Embodied Conversational Agents through Real-Time InteractionYuan He, André Tiago Abelho Pereira and Taras Kucherenko
How does a virtual human earn your trust? Guidelines to improve willingness to self-disclose to intelligent virtual agentsChristopher You, Rashi Ghosh, Andrew Maxim, Jacob Stuart, Eric Cooks and Benjamin Lok
Impact of Adaptive Multimodal Empathic Behavior on the User InteractionMukesh Barange, Sandratra Rasendrasoa, Maël Bouabdelli, Julien Saunier and Alexandre Pauchet
Increasing Resilience and Preventing Suicide: Training and Interventions with a Distressed Virtual Human in Virtual RealityTal Nakash, Tom Haller, Maya Shekel, Dan Pollak, Anat Brunstein Klomek and Doron Friedman
More than buttons on controllers: engaging social interactions in narrative VR games through social attitudes detection (Industry Track)Georgiana Cristina Dobre, Marco Gillies, David C. Ranyard, Russell Harding and Xueni Pan
Personality Analysis of Face Swaps: Can They be Used as Avatars?Leslie Wöhler, Susana Castillo and Marcus Magnor
Preference Interdependencies in a Multi-Issue Salary NegotiationJames Hale, Peter Kim and Jonathan Gratch
Re-Architecting ECA Creator: Towards An Interoperable Platform for Embodied Conversational Agent Research and DevelopmentArno Hartholt, Ed Fast, Zongjian Li, Kevin Kim, Andrew Leeds and Sharon Mozgai
Shaping unbalanced multi-party interactions through adaptive robot backchannelsRonald Cumbal, Daniel Alexander Kazzi, Vincent Winberg and Olov Engwall
The Artificial-Social-Agent Questionnaire: Establishing the long and short questionnaire versionsSiska Fitrianie, Merijn Bruijnes, Fengxiang Li, Amal Abdulrahman and Willem-Paul Brinkman
The Need for a Female Perspective in Designing Agent-based Negotiation SupportKatja Bouman, Iulia Lefter, Laurens Rook, Catharine Oertel, Catholijn Jonker and Frances Brazier
Training Lay Counselors with Virtual Agents to Promote VaccinationPrasanth Murali, Farnaz Nouraei, Mina Fallah, Aisling Kearns, Keith Rebello, Teresa O’Leary, Rebecca Perkins, Natalie Pierre Joseph, Julien Dedier, Michael Paasche-Orlow and Timothy Bickmore
Tunable Tension for Gesture AnimationMichael Neff
Virtual Backlash: Nonverbal expression of dominance leads to less liking of dominant female versus male agentsJanet Wessler, Tanja Schneeberger, Leon Christidis and Patrick Gebhard
A total of 22 Full Papers were accepted.

Extended Abstracts

Adapting conversational strategies to co-optimize agent’s task performance and user’s engagementLucie Galland, Florian Pecune and Catherine Pelachaud
Agent’s belief in human teammate’s trustworthinessCarolina Centeio Jorge, Myrthe Tielman and Catholijn Jonker
Boiling the Frog: Ethical and Behavioral impacts of Technological Exposure and AvailabilityNoah Ari, Nusrath Jahan and Johnathan Mell
Determining Most Suitable Listener Backchannel Type for Speaker’s UtteranceAkira Morikawa, Ryo Ishii, Hajime Noto, Atsushi Fukayama and Takao Nakamura
Errare humanum est? A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Human-Likeness of a AI Othello Playing AgentEnrico Lauletta, Beatrice Biancardi, Antonio Norelli, Maurizio Mancini and Alessandro Panconesi
Examining the Impact of Emotion and Agency on Negotiator BehaviorEugene Lee, Zachary McNulty, Alex Gentle, Prerak Tusharkumar Pradhan and Jonathan Gratch
Exploring the Uncanny Valley with FurhatAnnika Silvervarg and Isabella Ågren
Extending the Menge Crowd Simulation Framework: Visual Authoring in UnityMichelangelo Diamanti and Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson
Motivating Health Behavior Change with a Storytelling Virtual AgentHye Sun Yun, Matias Volonte and Timothy Bickmore
Negotiation Game to Introduce Non-linear UtilityJames Hale, Harsh Jalan, Nidhi Saini, Shao Ling Tan, Junhyuck Woo and Jonathan Gratch
Pose Augmentation: Mirror The Right WayJonathan Windle, David Greenwood, Sarah Taylor and Iain Matthews
Towards a Comprehensive Repair Framework for Human-Chatbot Interaction Failure: The Case of RephrasingAlina Asisof
Towards a Sentiment-Aware Conversational AgentIsabel Dias, Ricardo Rei, Patricia Pereira and Luísa Coheur
A total of 14 Extended Abstracts were accepted.